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Discovering Hidden Assets in Probate

Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC

Probate cases involve distributing a deceased individual's assets and financial affairs. However, the process can be complicated. In some instances, hidden assets come to light, complicating matters. Financial investigations play a crucial role in probate cases to ensure a fair and transparent resolution.

Understanding Hidden Assets in Probate Cases

Hidden assets are financial resources or properties that are intentionally concealed during probate. This can occur for various reasons, including an attempt to avoid creditors, taxes, or beneficiaries. Hidden assets may be undisclosed bank accounts, property transfers, investments, or any financial interests that have not been properly disclosed. Financial investigations are essential in probate cases to uncover hidden assets and ensure an equitable distribution of the deceased person's estate. Here are some key aspects to consider:

1. Transparency and Accountability in Probate

Probate cases are legal processes that demand transparency and accountability. Financial investigations help verify the accuracy of the deceased person's financial statements and ensure that all assets are accounted for.

2. Protecting Beneficiary Rights

Beneficiaries have a right to know the true extent of the estate's assets. If hidden assets are discovered, this can significantly impact the distribution of assets among beneficiaries. Investigations help safeguard these rights.

3. Impact on Creditor Claims

Hidden assets can also impact creditors who have legitimate claims against the estate. Financial investigations can reveal concealed assets, ensuring creditors are paid what they owe.

4. Ensuring Legal Compliance

Probate laws and regulations require the full disclosure of assets. Investigations help ensure compliance with these laws.

5. Professional Guidance for Asset Discovery

Financial investigations in probate cases are often best conducted by professionals with expertise in asset discovery. Legal experts can work with financial investigators to uncover hidden assets.

6. Estate Inventory Maintenance in Probate

It's important to routinely update the estate inventory and, when necessary, initiate fresh investigations to ensure everything is noticed. As the online world keeps changing, hidden assets such as online accounts, cryptocurrencies, and digital properties can include digital assets. These digital assets can be challenging to trace but are increasingly relevant in probate cases.

Facing a probate case with concerns about hidden assets or seeking a fair distribution? Contact us online or at (914) 228-7448 for a free consultation. Our expertise ensures transparent proceedings and uncovers hidden assets, ensuring integrity throughout your probate journey.