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  • Client Won Custody
    Dying Without A Will
    As many of you may know legendary singer/songwriter Aretha Franklin died in 2018 without leaving a will. Other wealthy celebrities such as Prince have done the same. This can lead to many types of unwanted consequences. As an example, the T&E department at PCS is currently ...
  • Brothers Inheritance Restored
    Estate Dispute
    After much litigation including more than a dozen depositions, obtaining numerous medical records and various other relevant documents, expert medical testimony, and the beginnings of trial preparation, an estate dispute was settled on behalf of our client for $700,000. Our ...
  • Porch Will Matter Resolved
    Will Contest
    In another important, yet smaller financial matter, we recently settled a will contest where the decedent's will was signed and witnessed …. on his front doorstep. It was argued that the proper legal formalities were not followed in the execution of the will in this case and ...

Drafting Wills

One of the first steps in estate planning is to write a thorough will. Without a will you may not be able to direct what happens to your estate after you pass.  However, not everyone should use the same exact will. There are different types of wills for different types of situations. We can help you choose the correct type of will and ensure that it considers all the important factors such as current estate taxes. insurance issues, and other aspects that will help move things easily through the probate process, the method how your estate is legally transferred after you die.

Our Unique Approach to Law

Our philosophy is to represent our clients in a full spectrum approach. Both legal and practical solutions are explored by our legal team, and each client’s situation is evaluated and pursued in accordance with his or her specific needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

Over 65 Years of Experience
  • Personalized Guidance From Start to Finish
    We are very selective about the cases we take on to provide you with the highest quality representation.
  • Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants
    Unique knowledge for accountings, tax laws, asset valuations and complex estates.
  • Exceptional Estate and Trust Law Experience
    Over 65-years collective experience in estate and trust planning, administration, litigation, and guardianship.
  • Gerard F. Parisi, Esq., CPA Photo
    Gerard F. Parisi, Esq., CPA
    Gerard has focused his entire career in law on estate and trust matters. He has assisted over a thousand clients with their estate planning needs from simple wills and powers of attorneys to complex trusts. He has also represented countless executors and ...
  • Patrick  Saccocio, Esq. Photo
    Patrick Saccocio, Esq.
    Patrick Saccocio has been a practicing attorney since 1989. Patrick heads the firm’s civil and criminal litigation department and practices in the areas of domestic violence and assault, commercial litigation, employment law, and personal injury. Prior to ...
  • Robert P. Coan, Esq. Photo
    Robert P. Coan, Esq.
    Robert P. Coan has been a practicing attorney since 1993. He heads the firm’s Corporate and Real Estate Departments. He graduated with Honors from Skidmore College in 1989, and Albany Law School in 1992. Before joining Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC, in ...

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