Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need An Estate Planning Attorney?

Anyone can benefit from creating a legally sound estate plan with help from an experienced estate planning attorney. From bank accounts to vehicles and personal belongings, everyone has an “estate” that is comprised of everything they own and control. From your personal health care decisions, to protecting your assets from long -term skilled nursing care costs, to leaving instructions for the benefit of minor children, to managing complex financial assets, to tax planning for future generations, if you pass away without leaving specific instructions regarding your assets, properties, and health, someone else (and possibly the courts) will have to make these decisions for you. By having a proper estate plan, you have greater control over what happens to your estate and will provide your loved ones with more reassurance and peace of mind when they need to handle your affairs.

Do I Need A Power of Attorney?

Yes, you need a “power of attorney” document. Powers of Attorney are one of the most basic but most important estate planning tools is the appointing of an agent to act on your behalf.

Can I Use The Free Power of Attorney Form?

While this form is available online, know that the standard form does not grant a few specific powers that could be very important if your designated person did need to use power of attorney, such as accessing a safe deposit box or setting up a trust.

When Should I Contact An Estate Planning Attorney?

There are many reasons to contact an experienced estate planning attorney, here are just a few:

  • If you can’t decide how to divide your assets.
  • If you want to make special provisions in your will.
  • If you have detailed requirements about how your estate should be handled after your death.
  • If you want to specify individual possessions in your will.

What is The Best Way to Provide for Special Needs Individuals?

Leaving an inheritance to care for a special needs child may disqualify them from Medicaid or other government programs. We can help you set up a special needs trust, to provide for your child in the best way possible, after your death.

How Can I Help My Parent With Long-Term Planning?

Sick or elderly parents don’t always qualify for Medicaid because of income or assets. Medicaid provides benefits to the elderly and sick, including at-home care, and without this help, costs can be very expensive. We can assist with arranging your parent’s finances to help them qualify for Medicaid.

What Should I Do About Estate Tax?

If you qualify for the estate tax we can help organize your assets and ensure that your family—not the government—inherit as much as possible.

How Much Does Estate Planning Cost?

Every client’s situation and needs are different. Some cases are simple and some are complex. Our free consultation is designed to assist us and you in determining your exact needs for obtaining a New York Power of Attorney. Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC offers multiple payment arrangements customized to the individual’s legal needs.

How can I contact your office?

You can reach us via phone at914-228-7448 or after hours at (212) 946 – 4963. You can also reach us via email here.

Where Can I View Your Client Testimonials?

You can read our latest client testimonials here.

Why Should I Choose Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC?

Our firm has over 65-years collective experience in Estate and Trust law, our clients are assured they are being represented by a practice dedicated to protecting and pursuing the best legal outcome for their unique needs. Our estate planning attorney’s are also CPA’s, providing our clients with specialized expertise for complex estates.

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